Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Diamond Peel @Dermaesthetique Ortigas Review

It has been a week since I had my diamond peel treatment at Dermaesthetique in Ortigas but, yeah, it's never too late to share my experience. I went with my friend Jacky who frequents Dermaesthetique for diamond peels and IPLs. We went to the clinic in Ortigas although, as I found out, also has a branch in Quezon City.

Jacky and I rode a cab from ABS-CBN in QC and took the EDSA route going to SM Megamall. She said she wanted to go to the mall first before heading to the clinic, which is just at the back of building A. We bought some stuff at the National Bookstore and headed to the supermarket to get milk tea at Tea 101. Jacky was so happy upon knowing that the prices of the milk teas in the SM Megamall branch of Tea 101 cheaper than the Tomas Morato branch. We ordered Rock Salt Choco-- the taste was just heavenly!! I wanted to buy lumpia but Jacky told me not to as she said I might smell like vinegar when we have our diamond peel so I just got California Maki.

The building where Dermaesthetique is is just right across the hypermarket. It is at Unit 610 Tower B BSA Twin Towers so Jacky and I took the elevator to get to the 6th floor. The receptionist was very nice and accommodating. After just a few minutes she already had us go to the cubicles where Jacky and I would get our diamond peels. Her cubicle was just right beside mine and were able to check on each other! 

I had two treatments done-- the deep cleansing facial and diamond peel, and I could say it was all worth it!! Joan was assigned to do the facial and DP on me. The whole process was for about an hour. She first cleansed my face, removed my blackheads and whiteheads, and put a facial mask. After massaging my face, she went ahead with the diamond peel. I really felt my skin being abraded by the device she used. Joan took her time with the treatment and made sure my whole face was done. After the treatment, I felt that all my dead skin were gone and that new skin was resurfaced. I would definitely go back and have sessions every three weeks. 

I no longer have active acne and rarely have pimples now but all the acne I had before left me with icepick and boxcar scars which are very unsightly. I am hoping that diamond peel could do the job. The diamond peel I had last week made my skin texture better but did not remove the acne scars (although I was not really expecting that it would!). I got the chance to meet Dr. Emmylou Eclipse who is the founder of Dermaesthique. She recommended Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment to me to improve the texture of my skin and in the end remove  my acne scars. I told her I would consider it but not in the nearest future due to the downtime of having Fractional CO2 laser treatment. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is expensive but Dermaesthetique's is way less expensive than the others. If after five diamond peel sessions and I still have acne scars, I would definitely get Fractional CO2 laser treatment. 

I will give you guys an update after my second diamond peel session and let you know of the improvements of my skin!! 




  1. Hi! my name is Mac and I read your review about the diamond peel, I really want to try it but I think it is expensive in Dermaesthetique rather than Dermstrata. I just want to know if (DP) it really works on acne scars and for how many sessions it will take to permanently remove scars. Thank you

  2. How much does a diamond peel session in Dermaesthetique costs?

  3. Thank you for your comments. I remember I paid less than Php 500 because they had promo at that time. I've tried diamond peel in different derm clinics but none had removed my acne scars. I think diamond peel does not intend to erase scars that's why. Anyway, I just had seaweed mask facial from DermCare and I will be posting my review soon after my second session.

  4. I just ordered a derma roller and now waiting for the package. I will be making a review of the product probably after the second session.


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