Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aya Says -- Product Review: L- GlutaPower Lightening Lotion

I am so excited to share with you a great product I have been using for about a week now. I am selling L-GlutaPower Lightening Lotion from Royale in my online shop but I got what I am currently using from my friend Larry who is a new member of Royale. I have to show support, you know. 

L-GlutaPower Lightening Lotion has exceeded my expectations of a whitening lotion. It gives an instant lightening effect. One would see the difference right away after application because the skin becomes literally white. It would become white if you put a lot of the product on your skin. The product is matte and hard to apply and it sticks to skin right away -- this is the reason why I said your skin would become white. I learned my lesson and combined 1 part of L-GlutaPower Lightening Lotion and 1 part Physiogel AI Lotion (1:1 ratio) so the mix would glide smoothly in my skin. It gives the same lightening effect but better as my skin looks naturally whiter compared to when I use the L-GluPower lotion alone.

I know it has just been a week since I started using the product but I have seen an improvement in the texture of my skin. This product has a great potential. I know that with continuous use, the instant effect will turn to a more permanent lightening of my skin.

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